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Full Stack Web Developer - Jobs

  • linux
  • object-oriented
  • typescript
  • react
  • express
  • websockets
  • flux
  • sql
  • nosql
  • rest
  • docker
  • elastic-stack
  • jenkins
  • isomorphic
  • ui
  • ux
  • reactive
  • micro-services
  • tdd
  • ddd
  • security
  • clean-code
  • error-handling
  • code-quality
  • scrum
  • deep-work
  • bitcoin
  • crypto
  • finance
  • derivatives
  • exchange
  • b2b

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Detailed Description


  • Coding UI components for Quedex.Net Trading Platform in accordance with written specification and graphical mockups.
  • Implementation of REST-based web services in accordance with provided design.
  • Review of graphical designs, providing comments and corrections before implementation.
  • Taking part in architectural design meetings.
  • Testing and deployment of new features.

Optimal Skills and Traits

  • Developed basic habits regarding information security.
  • Experience in development of web applications.
  • Good, backed by experience, knowledge of JavaScript, CSS 3 and HTML 5.
  • Experience in writing unit tests.
  • Experience in at least two of the following:
    • Node.js,
    • React.js,
    • Express.js,
    • Flux pattern,
    • TypeScript,
    • WebSockets,
    • Isomorphic websites,
    • MongoDB.
  • Willingness to understand advanced finance.
  • Impecable work ethics.
  • Sense of humor compatible with good manners.
  • Fan on Linux OS.

Nice to Haves

  • Deep technical UI knowledge.
  • Intuition in the domain of esthetics.
  • Experience with JavaScript crypto.
  • Experience in using Docker, Jenkins and Elastic Stack.
  • Experience in API design.
  • Experience in using derivative-type financial instruments.


  • Work in a scrum team of 5-7 highly-performing individuals.
  • Exposure to production-deployed, reactive and isomorphic software system with architecture based on event souring and micro-services patterns.
  • Being a part of a project providing cutting-edge financial functionality.
  • Internal trainings in fields of finance, crypto-currency, information security, software engineering and architecture, programming languages, details of development process and procedures used at the company.
  • Occasion to challenge yourself with development of uniquely complex web application.
  • Modern software development process (TDD, DDD, CD).
  • Code quality culture.
  • Friendly but professional work atmosphere.
  • Full time position (40-hour work-week) with flexible work schedule and home-office option (one day per week, after three months).
  • Competitive salary (B2B).

How to apply?

To apply for a position at Quedex, please send your CV to We will also happily answer any questions you may have regarding working at Quedex.

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