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Quedex is a Bitcoin Derivatives (Futures and Options) Exchange. We write advanced financial systems, which have to be secure, reliable and fast. We combine deep understanding of financial markets and their mathematical foundations with a modern approach towards software development.

A Brief History of Quedex

Date Event
Aug 2016 The company was registered on Gibraltar.
Sep 2016 Quedex Java API was released on Github.
Jan 2017 Software development office was opened in Warsaw.
Jun 2017 Quedex Python API was released on Github.
Jul 2017 Alpha version of Quedex.Net was released to limited audience.
Dec 2017 Quedex.Net Trading Platform went Live Beta.
Jan 2018 Gibraltar Distributed Ledger Technology regulations came into force.

Business-wise, we are currently focused on the process of acquiring a license for our operations issued by Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. We're also preparing for a world-wide expansion.

Technically, we're now focusing on scalability, availability, business process automation, continuous deployment and massive UX/UI changes. Also, a long list of new features waits to be implemented.

Currently Open Positions

Quedex software development team consists of very open-minded people. We believe that willingness to learn is one of the most valuable traits one can have. As a consequence, most of team members became proficient in all programming languages and development tools used at the company (Full-Stack Dev-Ops). Knowledge and experience specified in requirements of job offers listed below are also important, but not all of them must be satisfied.

If you feel you're up for the challenge, please consider sending the application.

Please also contact us if you're interested in joining Quedex in a role different than listed above.

How to apply?

To apply for a position at Quedex please send your CV to We will also happily answer any questions you may have regarding working at Quedex and our open positions.