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Tutorials - learn how to trade

We provide learning materials in order to help you familiarize with our platform and learn new trading ideas using futures and options.


The following tutorials provide an in-depth overview of the instruments traded at Quedex and their mechanics together with a number of trading ideas that you may employ straight away! Numerous charts and examples will help you visualise and understand the underlying finance.

  • Futures Guide - learn about the payoff and profit or loss calculations of futures contracts and what contango and backwardation are.
  • Options Guide - learn about the payoff and profit or loss calculations of options contracts.
  • Option Quotations - learn how a price of an option can be expressed in BTC, implied volatility and percentage of notional.
  • Option Valuation and Pricing - learn how to price an option.
  • Put-Call Parity - learn how put and call options can give synthetic futures position.
  • Hedging - learn how to protect the value of your Bitcoins using either futures or options.
  • Futures Arbitrage - learn how to profit on the difference of price between futures and the spot market.
  • Volatility Trading - learn how to profit regardless of the direction of the price move.
  • Covered Call - learn how you can gain additional income from your holdings.


Thanks to our partnership with the Crypto Wizards community you may learn the basics and more advanced concepts of our instruments, construct trading strategies and see how they are executed on Quedex!

Options Basics Hands On With Quedex

Duration: 22 minutes

Topics covered:

  • What is an Option 00:27,
  • Calls vs Puts 02:48,
  • American vs European 05:32
  • History of Options 06:21,
  • Black and Scholes Model 08:11,
  • How an Option is Priced 12:00,
  • Navigating Quedex Options Chain 16:29,
  • Testing it all out in Excel 18:11.

Futures Basics Hands On With Quedex

Duration: 18 minutes

Topics covered:

  • What is a Futures Contract 00:23,
  • How to Use and Respect Leverage 03:40,
  • The Difference Between Futures and Options 07:24,
  • Navigating Futures on the Quedex Trading Platform 08:39.

Option Strategies With Quedex

Duration: 16 minutes

Topics covered:

  • Various Option Strategies 00:50,
  • Collar Strategy 02:11,
  • Covered Call Strategy 09:57.