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Option Quotations Guide

This guide is accompanied by an interactive spreadsheet (in order to modify the values, copy it with File -> Make a copy).

On Quedex, price of an option can be introduced in a threefold manner:

  • Price in BTC,
  • Price in % Implied Volatility (IV),
  • Price in % notional.

Price in BTC equals Option Premium (just as in the examples above) per $1 notional. It represents the amount of BTC that will be deduced from your Free Balance when you enter long position in it.

Alternatively, you could input the price as % IV, which is perhaps most straightforward.

Lastly, it is possible to enter the price as a % of Notional, which represents how much will you pay for the option relative to the $1 notional amount valued at the strike of the given option.

% Notional = Option Price / Strike Price. 

% Notional of Quedex options is comparable with the options that have 1 Bitcoin notional size.

Moreover, Quedex offer two distinct ways of introducing the quantity of options to be purchased, namely:

  • Quantity,
  • BTC hedged,

where Quantity means simply the number of option contracts that are to be purchased and

BTC hedged = 1 / Strike Price * Quantity, 

which gives the information on how much BTC is hedged by buying the contract.


Assume investor A (Alice) wants to protect herself against a fall of BTCUSD rate below $16500 level in a 1M time, where current BTCUSD rate equals $17000. She therefore wants to buy call options on strike $16500. Assume

  • Bid IV = 135%,
  • Ask IV = 150%.

If A wants to open a new position immediately, she has to put a bid on at least 150%, which would result in a price (recall formula for call option price) 0.00001107 BTC for one contract (Option Premium), or equivalently ~18% Notional. Assume A wants to hedge 0.5 BTC. She would therefore need to buy

Quantity = 0.5 * 16500 = 7750 

of such contracts. Fortunately Quedex does not require its users to perform all the computations on their own - A could simply enter the % IV and BTC hedged she wishes to have and the webapp would automatically compute other quantities in the web app, in the Order Entry panel.