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From the 10th of February 2020, the following fee schedule applies:

Fee type Value
Futures trading fee Maker: 0.03% Taker: 0.05%
Options trading fee Maker: 0.04% Taker: 0.04%
Futures/options auction fee 0.04%
Futures settlement fee 0.05%
Options settlement fee OTM/ATM: 0% ITM: 0.04%

All fees are calculated using the trade's total notional value. This also happens in the case of options, which have $1 notional amount as well. The notional value is calculated using the futures price relevant for the option's maturity.

Fee on Auctions

During auctions it is not possible to distinguish between maker and taker. Instead a flat fee of 0.04% for both sides is charged.

Futures and options settlement fee

A fee equal to the taker fee is subtracted when a futures or options open position is settled at expiration.

In case of options, the fee is only charged when option is in the money. This means that out of the money (OTM) or at the money options (ATM) are not charged any fees at settlement.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Quedex does not charge for deposits. While Bitcoin withdrawals carry a network fee, currently they are free of charge.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2020