We charge only the fees listed below. In particular, there is no registration or withdrawal fee.


Fee type Value
Trading fee Maker: -0.05% Taker: 0.1%
Auction trading fee 0.025%
Futures settlement fee 0.05%
Option settlement fee OTM/ATM: 0% ITM: 0.05%

All fees are calculated using the trade's total notional value. This also happens in the case of options, which have $1 notional amount as well. The notional value is calculated using the futures price relevant for the option's maturity.

Continuous trading fees

Quedex employs maker-taker scheme, where maker (or liquidity provider) is the user whose order was present in the orderbook before the trade, while liquidity taker is the one whose order caused that trade. It works as follows:

  • Trading fee is subtracted from your balance once an order is executed.
  • Maker receives 0.05% of the notional value as a rebate.
  • Liquidity taker pays 0.10% of the notional value.

Auction fee

During auctions it is not possible to distinguish between maker and taker. Instead, a flat fee of 0.025% is applied.

Futures and options settlement fee

A fee equal to the taker fee is subtracted when a futures or options open position is settled at expiration.

In case of options, the fee is only charged when option is exercised, i.e. when they are in the money. This means that out of the money (OTM) or at the money options (ATM) are not charged any fees. Buyer (and seller) of an option expiring worthless will not have to pay anything.


During liquidation, all positions are assumed by Quedex and are closed at available prices. The half of the maintenance margin of the liquidated positions is transferred to the exchange reserve (so-called insurance fund) for the purpose of covering any socialized losses that may result due to liquidations. Any remaining maintenance margin (after successful liquidation) is returned to the account that underwent liquidation.

All fees are subject to change.

Last updated: 28 Oct 2017