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Affiliate Program

Quedex offers an affiliate program, available for all registered users. By using the affiliate program, you agree to the full Affiliate Terms of Service.

Referral Discount

Each user with a valid referral token or referral link will receive 10% discount from all trading fees for the first 180 days of trading.

Affiliate Benefits

As an affiliate, you will receive percentage of trading commissions paid by each new user that completes registration (1st Tier), as well as percentage of commissions paid by users that are referred by your referrals on 2nd Tier.

The percentage rebate depends on your affiliate status:

Status 1st Tier 2nd Tier
Affiliate 10% 5%
Affiliate Partner 15% 7.5%
Affiliate VIP 20% 10%

You will receive an email once a new user completes registration via your referral link. Affiliate rebate will be transferred to your Quedex account once a day, after daily settlement (i.e. after 8:00 UTC).

The affiliate status depends on the total turnover generated by those referred by you in all tiers. In some circumstances in may be given in advance for other contributions to the platform as well. Contact us at for details.

Referral links

You can find your referral links in the web app, after you log in - select the drop-down menu with your email at the top-right corner and go into User Profile. There are three referral links that allow you to direct potential users to:

  • the landing page,
  • the web app dashboard, and
  • registration form.