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Complaints Policy

Quedex aims to provide Members with a user friendly, fair and efficient experience whilst making use of its Service. For this reason, Quedex is keen to hear from any Members who are not satisfied with the performance or quality of its Services, or who may be experiencing any issue associated with the Quedex Platform.

Should you wish to file a complaint, Quedex can be contacted at In order to allow us to properly consider and assess your complaint fully, and thereby afford you the attention you deserve, please ensure all communications detail your experience as clearly as possible and attach any supporting documentation if applicable.

Our staff will use best endeavours to resolve your matter in as swift a manner as possible, however your patience is greatly appreciated as this may sometimes need some investigation which may cause some delays in responses.

In the event that you are not fully satisfied with the resolution of your query or you wish to escalate the matter further, we are able to put you in contact with a more senior member of Quedex who may be able to provide additional guidance and assistance. Please make any such requests to

Once you have successfully submitted the Email, the following procedure will be followed:

A. We will acknowledge its receipt via email and inform you of the expected timeframe for a response. We will also provide a link to this Complaints Policy and a copy of your Email that you can keep for your own personal records.

B. Should we require further information we will request this from you. Any delay caused by insufficient information will not be taken into account when assessing if the response was provided in the timeframe set in the acknowledgment email.

C. If the information contained in the Email is sufficient to adequately assess your situation, we will provide you with a final response (clearly marked as ‘FINAL RESPONSE’) within the timeframe as mentioned above, and any reasoning behind our conclusion and suggested resolution, if any.

D. If you are unhappy with our response and wish to escalate further, we will also provide you with details of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission if you wish to request that they review your complaint.

This policy was last updated on 26 Mar 2018