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Quedex Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange provides opportunities to manage risk through Bitcoin-denominated futures and options on BTCUSD exchange rate. We combine global standards of derivatives trading with top tier security adequate for Bitcoin-fueled, volatile environment.


The platform is operated by Quedex Limited registered in Gibraltar, which is part of European Union, under the company number 114763 (company report). Our company address is:

Quedex Limited
4 Cathedral Square
GX11 1AA

For support and more contact options, please see the contact page.

Regulatory Status

Quedex Limited (Quedex) is a regulated Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Provider, licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services Act 2019 with licence number 19135 (register of regulated entities). The licence authorises Quedex to use distributed ledger technology for storing or transmitting value belonging to others in connection with:

  • The operation of a secondary market venue for trading virtual assets derivatives; and
  • the provision of custody services.

We consider the DLT regulations imposed by Gibraltar one of the most prudent and robust in the world. By legislating for a separate set of regulations for DLT using a principles-based approach rather than attempting to fit developing technology into existing laws, Gibraltar provides an environment where blockchain technology can thrive. Quedex has been involved in consultations on the regulations since 2016.

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Management Team

Wiktor Gromniak - CEO - With a background in computer science and quantitative finance Wiktor is an expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He has theoretical and hands-on experience with cryptography and blockchain development and holds a MSc in Mathematics from the University of Warsaw. Previously Financial Systems Software Engineer at University College London / Banking Science, Technology Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Wojciech Kostrzewa - Chairman - With over 28 years of experience as a C-level executive in leading finance and media companies, Wojciech brings exceptional pedigree to Quedex. Current and former commercial positions include CEO Billon Group Ltd (a leading blockchain company), Non-Executive Director Stadler Rail AG, Non-Executive Director ERGO Hestia Insurance Group, CEO ITI Group (Polish media conglomerate), Chairman of Warsaw Stock Exchange, CEO mBank and Head of Commerzbank CEE Division. He is an Economics Graduate from Kiel University in Germany.

Mateusz Wywial - CFO - Mateusz is another alumnus of the University of Warsaw where he graduated in Computer Science and Econometrics. He co-authored multiple research papers published in peer-reviewed academic journals like Quantitative Methods in Economics or Economics and Business Review. He has been involved in crypto economics and trading since early 2013. Mateusz is a Polish Financial Supervision Authority licensed securities broker. He previously worked as a quantitative analyst at Union Investment’s one of Poland’s largest algorithmic hedge funds, trading all asset classes, including volatility derivatives.

Maciej Chałapuk - CTO - Maciej studied Computer Science at Lazarski University and at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. During his decade long career he has built a track record of delivering complex software systems for telematic, telcom, internet sales and fintech companies. Besides being a skilled team leader, Maciej is proficient in using several programming languages and has strong theoretical background in software architecture and project management. At Quedex, Maciej is responsible for leading programming teams and maintenance of development roadmap.

Christopher Wawn - Compliance Officer - Christopher is a Chartered Manager with a wealth of corporate experience at institutions like Barclays, Lloyds TSB and AMB-AMRO. He joined the team in April of 2018 and his strong financial services background with an understanding of the regulatory environment positions him well to help Quedex’ growth strategy. Christopher has an extensive track record of delivering good corporate governance, understands risk and is comfortable in making difficult compliance decisions.

Piotr Kapcio - Angel Investor - For the past twenty years Piotr has been a pioneer in the Polish online industry. As one of the co-founders of the leading web hosting company he has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. Under Piotr's co-leadership the company grew from a small startup to a leading enterprise employing 240 people and serving over 300,000 customers. When was sold to United Internet for 135 million in 2015, Piotr was the Marketing Director and Board Member closely involved with the companies finances. He went on to become a successful angel investor and advisor to a broad portfolio of start-ups and projects.

Board of Advisors

Llew Claasen - Cryptoeconomic Advisor - Llew is a blockchain investor and advisor, specializing in cryptocurrency economy design and decentralized business models and product architectures. Cryptocurrency bull. Managing Partner at Newtown Partners, former Executive Director at The Bitcoin Foundation.

Professor Philip Treleaven - Advisor - Professor Philip Treleaven is currently the Director at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Financial Computing and Analytics at the University College London. He is a pivotal figure in the European academic finance world and was responsible for setting up unique collaborations with Reuters, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and other leading investment banks for his department. Philip’s deep knowledge of the industry, his close relationship with the UK regulator and his excellent business network, not just in Europe but also in Southeast Asia, helps Quedex establish itself in central markets.

Dr Piotr Karasiński - Advisor - Piotr Karasiński, 1987 Yale theoretical physics PHD, joined the Quedex team as an advisor early November 2018. Dr Karasiński, a pioneer in the field of quantitative finance, has held several high level positions at some of the most prestigious financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, Citibank, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank. He is best known as the co-author of the Black-Karasinski interest rate model which he developed with the late Fischer Black in Goldman Sachs, New York.

Dr Michał Galas - Advisor - Michał Galas is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Banking Science LTD, an algorithmic trading hedge fund he co-developed while studying at University College London's UK PhD Centre for Financial Computing and Analytics. The trading infrastructure he developed for this PhD is at the heart of his company, which is backed by a 1 Billion+ industry leading fund of funds. The Financial Times once described him as 'something of a giant at UCL’s elite Financial Computing Centre’. Galas specialises in R&D of large-scale financial systems, including trading platforms and machine learning models.