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Quedex Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange provides opportunities to manage risk through Bitcoin-denominated futures and options on BTCUSD exchange rate. We combine global standards of derivatives trading with top tier security adequate for Bitcoin-fueled, volatile environment.


The platform is operated by Quedex Limited registered in Gibraltar, which is part of European Union, under the company number 114763 (company report). Our company address is:

1.02 World Trade Centre
6 Bayside Road

For support and more contact options, please see the contact page.

Regulatory Status

Quedex Limited (Quedex) is a regulated Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Provider, licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services Act 2019 with licence number 19135 (register of regulated entities). The licence authorises Quedex to use distributed ledger technology for storing or transmitting value belonging to others in connection with:

  • The operation of a secondary market venue for trading virtual assets derivatives; and
  • the provision of custody services.

We consider the DLT regulations imposed by Gibraltar one of the most prudent and robust in the world. By legislating for a separate set of regulations for DLT using a principles-based approach rather than attempting to fit developing technology into existing laws, Gibraltar provides an environment where blockchain technology can thrive. Quedex has been involved in consultations on the regulations since 2016.

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