Who operates and stands behind Quedex?

What does it mean that Quedex is in live beta?

Is Quedex regulated?

Do you have an affiliate program?

How do I learn trading on your platform?

What is the Session Passphrase you require?


What order types are supported?

Are there any fees?

How does the session schedule look like?

How are the QDX Spot, Settlement indices calculated?

Does Quedex contract market makers?

How are options quoted? If I see a price of 0.00000800 BTC what does it mean?

Deposits & Withdrawals

How can I deposit?

How can I withdraw? When will I receive the funds?

Risk Management

When and how are positions liquidated?

When do socialised losses come into play?

What is auction?

When (and why) is the balancing auction triggered?

What if there is a sudden market move of 20% and the auction gets triggered? Will I be able to protect myself from further losses?

Will the auction help me get out of a multi-leg position consisting of multiple futures and options?